• 1) Are we Halal?

    Yes. We guarantee all our ingredients are certifies halal by halal suppliers and our bakers and utensils are completely halal but we have yet to obtain our company Halal cert.

  • 2) Do you deliver?

    Yes we deliver and charges are based on location

  • 3) Where to pick up?

    Follow link as below for the map of our pick up location.
    Pick up location

  • 4) What is the difference with fondant and cream finish cakes?

    Fondant cakes: A layer of sweet sugar pastry/skin that covers the entire cake making it looks smoother and cleaner. Cost more than cream finish as more work and design is required. More versatile than cream finish cakes as more design options can be done on fondant cakes.

    Cream cakes: Using buttercream to cover the entire cake that can be dyed to the colour of your choice using a few different techniques of design. Limited choices of design but a less sweet option and much more cost effective. Not as clean as fondant finish but can yield very similar results. Fondant figurines and minor details can be added to it.

  • 5) How much for custom made cake / designer cake?

    It depends on the complexity and the size of the cake. Please provide us with the basic info of;

    * how many pax?

    * date required?

    * Theme?

    * Send us a photo for easy quoting or tell us your preferences

  • 6) What is the weight?

    Our cakes do not weight the same as bakeries u see outside as our cakes are heavier, denser and richer than normal bakery cakes. This is why we do not go with weight but instead we go by inches in size so that u know exactly what size of a cake you will be getting.

  • 7) How come we are more expensive than others?

    Firstly because we offer you guaranteed quality by using the best ingredients there is. Secondly, unlike other bakeries who offer only 2-3 flavours to choose and other premium flavours with extra charges, we offer a wide range of unique flavours that does not require additional charges. Thirdly, our designs as you can see are above the rest, we dedicate a lot of time to making sure a character looks like the character you want and not like a cheap replica.

  • 8) Why our delivery charges are expensive?

    As custom made cakes are delicate, our deliveries are done by car with a driver who has much experience with delivering cakes. If your cake arrives damaged we will come to your location and fix it or compensations will be made.

  • 9) If I order more is it cheaper?

    For custom made mostly no as each piece is made with the same amount of time and care but depending on the order sometimes we will give u some discounts.

  • 10) How long do I need to place my order?

    For normal or simple cakes 2 days you can order from our online sale site www.inthecloudscakes.oddle.me

    For custom made cakes we do require more time 1-2 weeks or you can try your luck and just drop us a message to check.

  • 11) How to make payment?

    Bank Transfer

    For delivery option:

    Please bank in full now or half now and half 3 days before delivery as it may be an external delivery party delivering.

    For pick up option:

    Please bank in minimum half as deposit and balance upon pick up

    Maybank Berhad



    Please email info.intheclouds@gmail.com

    Send me the slip or screen grab once you have transferred.

  • 12) I’m from overseas so I can’t do bank transfer

    You would have to do a payment via PayPal transfer or credit card by PayPal. There will be a 10% additional for this. Contact us to get the info.

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